Justice Initiatives

Reducing unecessary justice department involvement.

At Clark & Floyd System of Care, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive services to our justice-involved clients. We can intervene at any intercept, effectively “meeting clients where they are.” Through our strong community and justice partnerships, we work collaboratively as well as one-on-one with the client to develop highly customized individual service plans to support and advocate for justice-involved clients throughout their journey, from pre-arrest to post-arrest and during the reentry process – including those under supervision.

Mental health and substance use disorders contribute significantly to recidivism rates. Out of the 92 counties in the state of Indiana, Floyd County is ranked 14th in referrals to state hospitals for competency restoration, and Clark County is ranked 10th. Without proper treatment and support, individuals with mental illnesses may struggle to reintegrate into society upon release, leading to a higher likelihood of reoffending and re-incarceration. The statistics below underscore the critical need for comprehensive and holistic approaches to addressing the underlying issues that contribute to both incarceration and mental illness.


of Incarcerated Men Have a Serious Mental Illness


of Incarcerated Women Have a Serious Mental Illness


of the General Population of Adults Have a Serious Mental Illness


of Incarcerated Individuals Have a Substance Use Disorder


of Incarcerated Individuals with a Substance Use Disorder Also Have a Serious Mental Illness

How can we help?

Biopsychosocial Assessments
Our team conducts comprehensive assessments with every client to better understand their unique social and familial history, historical diagnoses, current challenges, and underlying needs of each client.

Customized Individual Service Plans
Utilizing assessment results and our network of community and justice partners, we work closely with each client to collaboratively develop a custom-tailored service plan that addresses their specific needs and challenges.

Pre-Arrest Services
Our team collaborates with local law enforcement to provide opportunities for deflection, including ongoing support, linkage to appropriate services, and advocacy to avoid justice system involvement.

Post-Arrest Services
Following an arrest, we offer a range of services, including assistance with system navigation, release planning, service linkage, ongoing case management, and support for clients through the legal process.

Reentry Support
As clients transition back into the community after incarceration, we provide crucial support, including soft skills training, educational opportunities, assisting with concrete needs, and ongoing case management to help them navigate challenges, access existing resources and natural supports, and reintegrate successfully.

We offer a curriculum for clients to assist them in completing their high school equivalency and acquiring valuable skills to enhance their employment prospects.

Crisis Response
Our team is available to respond to crises and provide immediate support to clients in need.

Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration
We actively partner with local mental health and substance use treatment facilities/providers, local courts, prosecutors, private and public defense attorneys, probation, community corrections, the jail, law enforcement agencies, non-profit agencies, and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction. This collaboration provides both assistance and oversight and makes it possible to offer wraparound support. Additionally, if state hospitalization/competency restoration services are necessary, we work closely with service providers and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction to ensure appropriate services are available for clients upon restoration of competency.

Our mission is clear: to eliminate unnecessary justice involvement, reduce recidivism, enhance public safety, and promote the successful reintegration of justice-involved individuals into society. We believe that by providing opportunities to increase soft skills, fostering educational pathways, and assisting with navigating the maze of the justice system, we support our clients in breaking the cycle of unnecessary justice involvement and becoming productive citizens.

Referrals to SOC Justice Programs are accepted from community partners, members of law enforcement, Court staff, prosecutors, public and private defense attorneys, Probation, Community Corrections, jail staff, etc. We do not currently accept self-referrals. To make a referral, please email referrals@clarkfloydsoc.org.

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