Clark & Floyd System of Care

Whether you’re reaching out for support or extending a hand to others, we’re here to guide you.

At Clark & Floyd System of Care, we recognize the deep interconnections between us all. That’s why we’re dedicated to paving clear pathways, walking alongside partners, collaborators, and tapping into community resources to forge a network of support for youth and families overcoming abuse, addiction, and life’s toughest challenges.

If you need help, or want to help, you’re in the right place!
Together, it’s possible to fuel healing and hope in the community.
Take our hands, we’ll be your guide.

What We Do

A look at some of the ways we offer support.


Total Active


Spent on Housing,
Utilities, etc.


Spent on Clothing
and Hygiene


Spent on Client


Spent Directly on Clients
for Programming

We honor the individual journey, embrace the richness of diverse cultures, and facilitate the kind of change that matters. Let’s join forces, grow resilient, and step into the future with optimism.

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Our team and our partners are the foundation upon which all our accomplishments are built, supporting and strengthening every endeavor.

Ann Carruthers

Executive Director

Kendra Henry

Executive Assistant

Amanda Omar

Director of Justice Programs

Chris Carruthers

Director of Educational Programming

Donna Sherrard

Case Manager

Jennifer Hart

Director of PR & Communications
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